The Kakery

Cake Menu

Classic Cake Flavors:


Our Wonderfully moist cakes are available in yellow, chocolate, marble, ½ & ½ ,red velvet or carrot-(see separate section for carrot cake).Not all cake flavors are available in every size.  

A selection of Gluten Free cupcakes is also available. (Not available in all flavors).

 Our cakes can be custom decorated to follow the theme of your party. Bring us a party napkin, invitation, card, etc. , and we will create a one of a kind cake. Characters, special designs, company logo’s etc., are available at an additional cost. (typically $7 - $20 extra.)

Smash Cakes:

A special treat for that special little someone’s 1st birthday, custom decorated

 $7.00 single layer, or $18.00 double layer.

Round Cakes:

5” round serves 4 - 6 $14.00 

round serves 10-12 $26.00
10” round serves 18-20 $33.00

Sheet Cakes:

1/8 sheet serves up to 8 $16.00

¼ sheet serves 12-16 $31.00

½ sheet serves 25-35 $47.00

¾ sheet serves 45-60 $59.00

Full sheet serves 60-70 $71.00

¼ sheet
3 layer serves 20-22 $38.00

½ sheet 3 layer serves 50-55 $56.00

3/4 sheet 3 layer serves 60-80 $98.00


Carrot Cake:

An exquisite cake with carrots, pineapple, walnuts and raisins. Topped with traditional cream cheese icing.

1/8 sheet serves 8 $18.00

¼ sheet serves 12-16 $35.00

½ sheet serves 25-35 $56.00

Full sheet serves 60-70 $101.00



Great for school parties and office events!!

Our cupcakes can be custom decorated and/or filled at an additional cost. Choose from yellow, chocolate, red velvet, carrot or a combination of each!

Cupcakes ½ dozen $12.00

Cupcakes 1 dozen $21.00


Gluten Free :  4pk.$12.00; 1/2 dozen $16.00; Dozen, $28.00.Gluten Free cupcakes are available in yellow and chocolate cake.


Cupcake Cake


A unique ‘pull-apart-cake”! Custom decorated with any theme, then simply pull apart and enjoy!!

Cupcake cakes start at $24.00 per dozen 

Cupcake Tree


Rent our cupcake tree stand to beautifully display your custom decorated cupcakes at your event.


 The Kakery’s Dessert Trays


An assortment of mini pastries, including  éclairs, cannolies;  brownie, cheesecake and carrot cake bites; cream puffs etc.. Each is individually decorated. (Assortment may vary). Great for Office and Holiday parties!!

Small Tray      serves 12-15     $33.00

Large Tray      serves 25-30     $54.00



The Kakery’s

Butter creams & Whips


White Buttercream

Whipped Topping

Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Buttercream

Chocolate Fudge

Cream Cheese


German Chocolate

(a real German Chocolate Icing with nuts and coconut)


In addition to all of the above, the following are also available as fillings: 

Chocolate fudge Mousse

Chocolate Raspberry Mousse 

Peanutbutter Fudge

Fudgy Buttercream

(Our butter cream with chocolate fudge swirled into it)

Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse

(chocolate mousse with swirls of Nutella) 

Hazelnut (Nutella)

(our buttercream with swirls of Nutella)  





Strawberry Mousse; Blueberry Mousse ; Raspberry Mousse; Banana Mousse; Mocha; Cappuccino; Cappuccino Fudge; Lemon Mousse; Coconut; Pineapple Mousse; Bavarian Cream;

Fresh Fillings:

Fresh Fillings are available at extra cost to make your kake extra special. Only fruits of the highest possible quality will be used. Please limit your selection to a choice of 3 fruits:

Strawberries; Peaches;

Pineapple; Bananas;


Strawberry Preserves; Peach Preserves;

Pineapple Preserves; Cherry Filling;

Raspberry Filling; Lemon Filling


Rev. 09/2018