The Kakery


Congratulations Brides to be!!
Thank-you for your interest in The Kakery's wedding cakes.
The Kakery believes that your wedding cake should not 'break the bank'. We therefore offer many options for you to choose from.With any option, you can have the cake and design you desire.
            Our 'Just for Looks' cake is our specialty and is our most popular option. This option is the perfect choice for those looking for less expensive alternatives, or for those offering a Venetian dessert table, (take what you save on the cake and put it towards something more important - like your honeymoon!)
         Our 'Just for Looks' cake is a fake cake decorated with any design you desire. It looks just like a real cake, but, it is actually a Styrofoam cake form iced with our buttercream icing and made proportionate to the size of your reception, i.e. if you are serving 200, the cake will look like it will serve 200; if you are serving 100it will look like it will serve 100, etc.. The 2nd tier is real cake for when you(the bride and groom) cut the cake. Then, just as with a real cake, the caterer will bring the cake back to the kitchen to cut and serve, of course they don't actually cut the fake cake. As part of this option, sheet cakes are provided to serve the party. As each cake  is unique, pricing is done on an indvidual basis. Our 'Just for Looks' cake pricing starts at $4.00 pp.
      Our 'Traditional Cake' is also made to any design. It is a real cake with buttercream icing. The 'Traditioal Cake' is available in up to 3 tiers. They can either be stacked or separated with pillars. and each cake can be a different flavor and/or filling. As with our 'Just for Looks' cake, pricing is done on an individual basis. Our 'Traditional Cake' pricing starts at $7.00 pp.
      There are also 2 other options available. One is get a smaller 2 or 3 tiered cake to have for display and for the cutting ceremony, then have sheetcakes to serve the party. the other option is to 'rent' the wedding cake for display purposes only. This option is perfect for those who are having a Venetian Dessert table and are not planning on offering cake. We will of course decorate the cake to your specifications.
       We at The Kakery, look forward to meeting with you to plan for your special day. We encourage you to bring photos of cakes that 'catch your eye'. Design elements from different cakes can be combined to create your perfect cake. Simply print them out and bring them in. Together, we can create your one of a kind cake. Wedding dates fill up fast, don't miss out!! Give us a call to schedule an appointment. Thanks!